Connecticut Family Photographer, Family photographer in Farmington, CT

How fun this family was. They dressed the part and showed up ready to have some fun.

Clients hire me for the emotion they feel in my images. They are always surprised at how “fun” or even at times, how “chaotic” the session itself can feel. That is because everyone is having FUN.

No one is posing. I am not bribing the kids to look at the camera and smile this fake smile you all know so well. NOPE. I capture those in-between moments instead. The real smiles. The true laughter.

Sometime parent will say, “Are you sure you got anything good"?” To which I reply.. “so many good ones!”

I even had one little girl ask me once,”Do you do this all the time?”. She just thought I was the coolest thing ever (little does she know, hahaha)

For real though, can you see the love in these images?

Ready to book your family session? Believe it or not, I’m already filling my 2019 calendar.