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Meet Joslyn and Danielle, head honchos over at

Talk about a dynamic duo. Both ladies are new moms just killin it at the real estate game. Not only that, but Joslyn prides herself on working WITH her 10 month old son. That’s right, every sale she makes and he is right there by her side. Talk about #bossbabe

Personal branding sessions are SO MUCH FUN! think of them as story telling sessions for you and your brand. For example here, Joslyn wanted to tell a story of herself as a real estate agent but also as a working mom, so we included her son in some of the images too. I caught images of the girls at work so they have a plethora of images to choose from when posting to social media. How awesome is that? And how FUN are these head shots? Nothing stiff or boring here.

As a business owner, you are far too busy to be worrying about social media content. I can help you with that.

And forget about crappy cell phone pics. Sure, most phones take good pics but the difference between your phone pictures and a professional photo shoot is night and day. You take your business seriously and you need to show that in a professional way.

Contact me today to book your personal branding session. What story do you want to tell?