Personal Branding Session

Well, just check out this cute little family of three. Joslyn, an award winning realtor in West Hartford, CT at, contacted me with interest in a branding photo session for her husband, Aaron (stay tuned for Josyln’s session next!)

Aaron is a small business owner of, a company rooted in happiness and productivity while inspiring all to live their best lives. Aaron just recently wrote his own book, Max Potential and it went on sale this past Tuesday, February 12th. Get your copy here.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, athletes… how does your website look? How are you portraying yourself on social media? Are you posting DAILY? Yes, I said, daily… multiple times a day?

You need to be. Studies show that potential clients are more likely to invest in your products and services when they feel like they know, like and trust you. And what a wonderful medium sites like Facebook and Instagram are for helping us tell our stories.

As a business owner, you are more than a working professional. You are a mother, a husband, an workout junkie, a coffee drinker, a craft beer lover, .. the list goes on. But my point is that you have many layers and wear many hats. And guess what? So do your clients! And they want to see that from you too! hey want to make that connection and feel like they know who you are. And then… then they will invest in what you have to offer. Make that connection and the rest will follow.

So if you have to post multiple times a day, what are you even posting? Snippets of your day, your work life, your family, your interests all help to let your clients in. You need stunning, professional images to go with that content. And that’s where I come in. Let me provide that for you!

A personal branding session with me will provide you with at least 60 images (3 months worth of) of professional images that will help tell your story and sell your brand. We will work together beforehand and I will ask you some deep questions so that I can really dig deep and discover the stories you want to tell. I will listen to your vision and we will plan our session(s) together.

No more cell phone pictures with horrible lighting and not-so-professional composition. And not only that, but as a business owner, do you really even have the time to be taking all these images by yourself? I’ll provide you with folders on images, ready to upload you your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or wherever!

So are you ready? Contact me to discuss your personal branding session: