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Farmington, Connecticut Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir photography, what can  I say? It’s quite the stretch from my normal work with babies and families. But hey, I’m loving it. And so are the ladies who are booking sessions. I cannot even begin to explain how they ladies are feeling before, during and after their sessions with me. Many book a session as gifts for their men.. albums as anniversary gifts or birthdays. But what really happens is that it becomes a session for HERSELF instead. This inner bad-ass starts to emerge and the girls feel confident and beautiful in ways she never did before.  After the session, many women have texted me with this almost “high” feeling of confidence and beauty. It becomes about HER and not him. And she starts thinking about her NEXT session.

Ladies, when was the last time you did something for YOU? We get so caught up being mothers, wives, employees that we rarely take the time to do anything for ourselves. We hustle but for everyone ELSE.. how about slowing down  and celebrating your inner goddess?

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photoshoots are art that features the raw and genuine feminity of the woman being photographed. Boudoir is the experience of being scared out of your mind to take sexy pictures when you have never seen yourself as the type of person to be able to take a sensual photo, and then still showing up the morning of your shoot.

Boudoir is not just about taking sexy photos for your husband.

It is about creating art that honors who you are as an empowered woman.

It is about honoring who you are, through an intimate glance from the boudoir photographers eye, as raw female power.

It is about having a Self Love Experience

Interested in booking a session? I can come to you or you can come to me for a “camera ready” session. Make an appointment at your favorite salon for professional makeup application (or ask me for salon recommendations), do a little shopping for some sexy lingerie pieces (I will help you with that) and show up, nerves and all. We will make some gorgeous images together.

I am also hosting an  all day hotel boudoir event with an  amazing hair and makeup artist on March 11th that is SOLD OUT. The next even will be June 24th and bookings will be first come, first serve. I will start booking on March 17th but you have to be part of my private Facebook group to book your slot:  

Want more information or need to ask questions about booking your own boudoir session? Contact me here: CONTACT 


Below is an example of a “camera ready” session at my home in Farmington, CT.  She came right after her makeup appointment at The Gallery Salon in Farmington, about 20 minutes from my home.

boudoir connecticut

What made you choose Sweet Melissa Photography for your boudoir experience?
Melissa’s other photos were so well done, so I know she would be able to make ANYONE look amazing. Especially as a mom of 4, I was confident all of the photos would be tasteful as well as flattering! ct boudoir photographer

Were you nervous about your shoot?
I was only nervous that my own self-conscious nature would take over the session. In a normal situation I would be worried that my many flaws were completely exposed to not just another person but a camera. Let’s face it, when is the last time you studied yourself in the mirror and completely approved of everything!? As women, we can be so hyper critical of ourselves ESPECIALLY when we can’t hide what we see as our own flaws. sexy photo connecticut

What was your favorite part about your session?
I totally enjoyed the relaxed and fun environment. Nothing about the session was stressful and I never one felt self conscious about her snapping away. Melissa thoroughly guides you through posing so you are able to relax and go with the experience. I had no great expectations about myself “looking sexy” but she made me FEEL beautiful and amazing so that’s what really shows through in the photos. sexy photoshoot

When I first saw my final images, ……..
I thought “holy moly she’s talented!” I normally see myself in photos and cringe, but when she showed me the (sneak peek) first image I couldn’t believe what she had captured. I literally had to do a double take to believe it was really a photo of me!? The range of poses go from tastefully exposed and sensual to “husbands eyes only”. The gallery is just phenomenal, the only problem is how to pick the best!? I can’t stress enough how much I (and the hubby) love these photos and I don’t feel embarrassed for saying so…I look amazing!boudoir photographer in connecticut

What are you taking away from your boudoir experience?
This experience has given me a new self confidence that I don’t know if I lost or ever even had! After being a stay home mom of 4 for years and taking care of everyone else before myself, this gave me an “excuse” to feel both pretty and sexy. That is certainly a rare feeling!! Sometimes remembering that you’re both beautiful woman as well as a mother is worth it’s weight in gold. Oh, and a jaw dropping gallery that made my husbands head spin doesn’t hurt 😉

Would you recommend a boudoir session to your friends?
I want my ladies out there, especially moms, to seriously take the time to book a session with Melissa. It’s a mommy-mental-health day! You owe it to yourself to capture images that you will love and will make you FEEL like the gorgeous thing that you are. Spending the day getting pampered and feeling like a model is worth your time and I promise you won’t regret it. I believe that one day I will be able to look back on these images and say “wow I looked damn good!”

connecticut boudoir photographer CT boudoir photographer



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