Feb 22nd

Connecticut Boudoir Photographer

Nothing makes me feel more empowered than to shoot a boudoir session. It’s not always about doing a session for someone ELSE.. but more about doing something for YOU!

Most of my clients are moms. Moms that are busy providing for  everyone else and often times do not take time to do anything special for themselves. A boudoir sessions lets you do that. Booking a session gives you to opportunity to go shopping. To get your nails done. To get the best hair and makeup done. To feel gorgeous. And to feel liberated.

That’s what its all about.

Keep reading to hear this client’s testimonial:


What made you choose Sweet Melissa Photography for your boudoir experience?
I was added by a friend to the online Facebook group. I saw Melissa’s pictures and they were beautiful and her positive attitude inspired me and encouraged me to get the boudoir pictures for my husband for our anniversary.

Were you nervous about your shoot?
I was nervous but from the start Melissa was nothing but encouraging about my/our bodies.

What was your favorite part about your session?
Hmm at first I didn’t want to get my hair or make up done because I wanted to be as much as myself as possible but I have to say it was fun getting all pampered and ready. By the time I was done I felt beautiful, confident and ready and I was still me!

When I first saw my final images, ……..
I was amazed that so many of the pictures had the ability to convey a story just with certain focal points like the position of my hand or the slight part of my lips. I couldn’t wait to put something together for my husband and give it to him for our anniversary.

What are you taking away from your boudoir experience?
I’m feeling really proud of myself. Although I have expectations about my body I feel more comfortable with myself and I can’t wait to do it again!! And I hope my pictures can inspire others or give them the push that they need.

Would you recommend a boudoir session to your friends?
Absolutely!! I already have!!


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